About Us

Live in a very
natural way.

Pafmac is a consortium of Planters, Herbal product processers and Marketers. Company was established in the year 2002. The research and perspiration of more than a decade had made the company prominent in the segment. Pafmac has a huge farm resource which cultivate all these herbs and spices. It has a well equipped processing unit which processes the products and a well oiled marketing system to market the product all over the world.


To be an organization which propagate the goodness of nature and lead the society to
enjoy it.


To create a new health conscious and nature loving community which believe the purity of natural and organic flora.


Human beings are physiologically constituted to be in nature and live in a very natural way. It was like this at the early stages of life and has changed a lot now. Its obvious that we cannot go back to the primitive days and live that life. Still its not fair to miss that goodness of mother nature and the healthy way of life. This is where the significance of Pafmac. Pafmac has packed the very pure nature for the urban world.


Live healthy is a great gift for mankind. Pure and natural products help us to live healthy and longer. Its great to taste anything in its very unadulterated way. Moreover it’s a commitment to nature and the future generations